Sunday, September 26, 2010

Harvest of Quilts

This weekend I got to steal a couple hours away from studying to go to another local quilt show.  This one was called Harvest of Quilts and was put on by the Heritage Quilters Guild of Lockport, IL.  I always gather a ton of inspiration at quilt shows and this one was no exception.  I love the way the color fades out toward the middle of this first quilt and the simple geometry of it.  I also like the geometry of these next two.

Thought this next one was a great way to high-light oriental fabrics:

The tan/brown fabric in the left-most corner of the square above is one that I used in the first two quilts I ever made and a fabric that I love.

This next one really inspired me.  I've been contemplating a long-term, hand piecing project that would use up a ton of scraps.  I haven't settled on a pattern yet, but this one was done all by hand.  It's called "Omigosh" because that's what everyone says when they look at it.  I think the note said it had over 10,000 pieces.  Insane.

I thought this next one would make the cutest, sweetest baby quilt for a little girl... love all the ruffles.  Very innovative.

And, speaking of innovative, this next one looks like it is an appliqued medallion, but was actually painted using fabric paints!  Brilliant and wins extra credit in my book for avoiding applique (sorry, Marjorie!).  One day I will get over my fear/dis-like of applique, but I'm not there yet.  :)

These next two are totally different, but great medallion quilts none-the-less.  I've always wanted to be able to make a fusible version of the first one in particular.

These next ones were made by a friend of my mother, Gail Stepanek.  She is an amazing, award-winning quilter (and happens to be super nice).  The second pic is a close-up of this first quilt.

This last one is fairly straight forward, but I really just couldn't get past it when we were at the show.  Something about the color and fabric combinations, the geometry of it, and the quilting just made it really stand out to me.  I always think of how I might have done a quilt differently had I done it myself, but I thought every element of this quilt was exactly how I would have done it.

The pics a little dark, but when I tried to correct it the colors didn't look right.  Can't explain it - just love it.

I lost track of the deadline for this show so I didn't get to submit Wright's Windows - a shame because there were several winners in each of several categories, as opposed to only one big winner like the Batavia Quilt Show a couple months ago.  I would have stood a much better chance, I think.

There were lots of other great quilts, but all the pics make for a rather huge post.  Hope you enjoyed the show!


Chantal said...

That green quilt at the top is my favourite. Love the transition of various shades of green. Beautiful. Would love that in my room!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilts. I love the last one!

Belinda said...

Those are spectacular!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Wonderful, outstanding quilts! Thanks for sharing.

KimMalk said...

I love the baby ruffled one. I hope this sticks in my memory for a granddaughter one of these days...

Gloria said...

Beautiful quilts! And forget about that ruffled quilt being for a baby -- Baby Gloria wants that quilt!! It is GORGEOUS! Love the florals in it and te ruffles! Glad you had a good time at the show. (Your friend's mother's quilts were beautiful too.)