Sunday, July 31, 2011

What Happened to July?

Clearly, July got the best of me.  Basically I was swamped.  A recap goes something like this:
  • My desktop died causing me to have to finally break down and buy a laptop
  • We had guests in town for a few days over the fourth of July and my son saw his first fireworks
  • My husband and I spent a weekend at the Dave Matthews Band Caravan
  • My son was sick for two weeks with a nasty cold and ear infection 
  • I volunteered at a conference
  • I spent an unimaginable number of hours in and around creeks, detention ponds and wetlands, helping with the inventory for my internship (which is watershed planning)
  • I had to give a presentation for class
  • I wrote an essay a week for my summer class
  • I finished three baby blankets and a small pile of taggie blankets
  • The vegetable garden has been going like gang busters
I think that about sums it up.  Here are some pics of all of that.

My boys on the Fourth of July...

A turtle out in the watershed and I think the berries below are nightshade.

A pretty frog.  No idea what kind.

American hazelnut.  By the way, I can now identify a handful of native species of plants as well as a bunch of non-native and/or invasive ones as well.

A green heron.


I'll post these separately, but here are the three baby blankets I finished.  I will also post all the pics of my garden and vegetables separately.

The two quilted ones were both super fast and done in maybe a couple hours each over weekends.  The knit one was what I carried with me and worked on the rest of the month.  

The nice thing is I have so many babies to make gifts for that I can post these and there is no way their respective mothers could figure out which one they are getting.  Total incoming baby count currently at 11.  Yes, eleven.  Between now and January.

Taggies for everyone!

And here is the fabric I have set aside for another baby quilt.  This one will be a bargello. 

And last, but not least, I have one more essay, one more class, and one more day of tromping through creeks before my family and I get my first and only true vacation of 2011.  To celebrate I finally got around to my first mani-pedi of the season (ridiculous).  Does this color say "vacation" to you?