Monday, February 7, 2011

Mini Double Wedding Ring

I bought a pattern for this mini Double Wedding Ring (the finished top is 29" square) at the Rosemont Quilt Show last year only to realize that I hate paper piecing.  Fortunately, my mom came to the rescue and offered to piece the top for me with the scraps from my Wright's Window quilt (bottom photo). 

Here it is, ready to quilt.  I started drawing some circle chalk lines on it thinking that was how I was going to quilt it, but I'm not so sure I like them.  I am also not sure when I will be able to finish quilting it, but hopefully some day soon.

When it's finished it will hang above my bed and hopefully be a nice compliment to my quilt. 


Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

I think the two quilts will compliment each other nicely. Nice of Mom to come to the rescue!

Melissa said...

The windowpane quilt is stunning!

Keya Kuhn said...

I like the circular stitching pattern idea. I think you should reconsider. Sometimes, though you just have to step away for a while. Absolutely gorgeous as always!