Thursday, July 22, 2010

Inspirational Art Tutorial & A Milestone

I've been working on a bigger project for the last few days. I'll share more when it's finished, but here's a sneak peak.

In the meantime, I figured I'd finally post a quick tutorial for my word wall art from my craft room redesign.

I made this "word" art for my craft room. It was super easy and I used stuff I already had on hand. I knew I wanted an inspirational word on the wall, but I did not want one separate frame for each letter because then I would always be starring at them and try to realign all the frames so they wouldn't be crooked... kind of obsessive like that. This is my way of avoiding that problem:
5 cheap 5x7 frames (or one for each letter of your word)
2 36" craft dowels (1" square - you can find them in almost any craft store)
hot glue gun
1 self-leveling hanger
spray paint
a printer
card stock or paper suitable for framing
I know there is a package of nails in the pick... I thought originally that was how I was going to put this together, but it was not going to work. Besides, a hot glue gun can solve just about any problem... I also originally wanted the word "create," but I only had 5 frames and this was all about not spending more money. "Dream" was just as appropriate. :)
First, remove the glass and the backings from all of your frames, then line up your frames evenly between your two dowels. Then mark out the spacing of the frames onto your dowels with a pencil.
Now start hot gluing your frames to the wood dowels along the bottom edge first. Once you've glued all the frames to the bottom dowel, go back and glue the top dowel down along the top edge of your frames.
Now flip your frames over to the back side and hammer a self-leveling hanger to the center back of your top dowel. (Sorry for the fuzzy pic.)
Spray paint the whole frame and your dowels. Be sure to get around all the edges of the frames.
On your computer, pick out your favorite font and play around with the sizing until it will take up most of the space of your 5"x7" frame. I also added a heavy, black border to the outside of each letter so that from a distance it looks a little like each letter is matted. You can print the letters in color or black and white... whatever works for your space. I originally thought that black and white would be perfect, but it just didn't pop so I played around until I was happy with it.
Then just trim each letter to fit the frame, replace the glass, frame your letters and VOILA!
And a big shout out to all of my faithful followers... Craftopotamus hit 50 followers this morning! Hooray for us! To celebrate, I made a couple buttons (you know, so you can match one to your blog if you like) ... feel free to take one... or ten! :) Thank you followers! I (heart) you!

And I have big plans for when we reach 100...


Brittany said...

I really-really love this! So great!

Unknown said...

Good evening~ Just wanted to let you know you have been featured on my blog. Thanks so much. Jen~ enjoy your evening.

P.S. ADORE your dream frames, BRAVO!

the cape on the corner said...

ok, love your blog title! and what a great craft space, too.

thanks so much for stopping by the cape on the corner, and for your comment on my bedroom redo!

Get Nestled In said...

I loved your tutorial! You're very crafty and your whole blog is too cute!

Hootin' Anni said...

This is so cool! And to have you share the tutorial is a big plus!!

For your convenience, Here Is My Show and Tell Bargain Link. Hope to see you visit with me.

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Andrea Dekker said...

What a great idea! Simple, easy, inexpensive...those are my type of craft projects!

Thanks for sharing.

Moe said...

So awesome! I am excited you've gained 50 followers.....I love when I see I've gained one more follower!

I love the word art that has separate letters & am like you, they'd all have to be straight. this is an awesome idea!

ps.. I found you on It's Fun to Craft's Link party!

Judi said...

This is a great project and I like the ide of using what one has on hand...great...

I'm enjoying your blog...come by and visit me sometime also.

I'm very curious about what else you are making up there...I will be back...I'll be a follower.

Judi said...

This is a great project and I like the ide of using what one has on hand...great...

I'm enjoying your blog...come by and visit me sometime also.

I'm very curious about what else you are making up there...I will be back...I'll be a follower.

Lisa said...

Really pretty! I love the colors! Do you have any pics of your entire craft room? I'd love to see it!

My Dream Canvas said...

Very pretty…I am hosting a CSN Giveaway on my blog. I would love for you to stop by.

Betty said...

I love this, it's so cute and I never would have thought of it myself.

Shannon said...

Very cute name! Stop by and check out my inspiration, better yet become a follower.


Unknown said...

This turned out so cute. What a great idea!

Thanks for linking up!

Kat @ Black Kats Design said...

Congratulations on reaching 50 followers!

I think the idea to "frame" your frames was genius. I would also be constantly fussing with them to keep them straight.

I’m having a new link party “Cheap Thrills Thursday” starting the 29th. It’s for creative ideas that cost under $20. If you have a project you’d like to share, I’d love for you to stop by and join in!

Holly Lefevre said...

I cannot wait to see the big reveal.

This project s great. You need to use some of those creative juices and join up in the DIY club challenge!

Jess said...

Just wanted to let you know that I featured this post on FTF today! Stop by and pick up a featured button if you would like! Thanks!

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Melissa said...

What a brilliant idea to keep them from being crooked!! To bad that even with a level my whole unit would be hanging crooked!!

Melissa said...

I thought I would let you know that I will be featuring this this week!!