Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Urban-Inspired Quilting

A few months ago, during the last Blogger's Quilt Festival, I won a $20 gift certificate to Pink Chalk Fabrics (an online fabric store).  I loved all of their fabrics and just could not decide what to get and never got around to using the gift certificate.  The other day I remembered it and started hunting on their site again and came across this book:

City Quilts, by Cherri House.

I ordered it and I am in love.  It pretty much perfectly marries my two loves - quilting and urban planning.  It has 12 patterns in it, but also tons of great tips on designing your own quilts, choosing color palettes, and particularly promotes the use of solid-color fabrics.

Now I have to admit, prior to acquiring this book I had no interest in solids other than for sashing or to set off a whole bunch of crazy prints.  But after pouring over this book I think that I may be starting a new chapter in my quilting adventures.

Literally four days after this book came in the mail I ordered a butt-load of solids from Hancock's of Paducah and already have a plan for them.

This is a version of one of the patterns in the book called City Tracks.  Cherri made her version of in some beautiful reds and oranges.  For some reason I can't get past this grouping of colors.  I was inspired by the colors of glass found on high-rises and sort of grey smoggy colors of late winter in Chicago.

I still have to finish my folding screen quilt, but this is what I'll be working on next.  In the meantime, I think the book is fantastic and inspiring.  Happy quilting!


Ellen aka Ellie said...

Very cool. It kind of updates quilting with very sharp patterns and tones.

Judi said...

Isn't fun to learn or become so inspired by something you didn't know you liked...then to want to give it a try. The pattern and the colours are great. I can't wait to see how you do with it.
Enjoy your book...your quilting...and today...

rome said...

Ha - I bet you could write your own version of that book! Interesting concept!

Julie said...

"my two loves - quilting and urban planning"


I've seen that book before and thought it was great, but I'm not that into solids. Good thing you are!

Gloria said...

HELLO!!!!! Don't faint!!!! Yes, I am here to finally visit!! And yes, I know that I have an email from you waiting in my Inbox that I STILL haven't answered! (There's still hundreds in there from when I was without my laptop, so will you forgive me????) I see you found a new obsession -- these quilts look beautiful. I love colored blocks in a quilt like this. I am sure the one you are going to make is going to be beautiful. I hope the little fella (and the big fella too!) are doing well!! I will write you a long email soon! xxoo