Thursday, May 27, 2010

Welcome to my blog about all things crafty!

The other night I was checking out a favorite blog of mine,, and was stunned to find out that there is such a thing as a Blogger's Quilt Festival. "That's awesome," I thought. "Now I just need a blog..."

So here it is - Craftopotamus. Hooray! My blog about quilting, making jewelry, painting, knitting, crocheting, and all the other fun things I do in my little craft studio. I love to make lots of artsy things, particularly things that are useful (i.e. quilts, decorated tables, purses) and this is a great way to channel that creativity.

Craftopotamus (kraft-o-pot-a-mus)
1. A mammal whose craft habit is so out of control that they have an entire room dedicated to the act of crafting.
2. Person participating in three or more variations of crafting, often simultaneously. Has a tendency to have many unfinished projects on hand.
I like that necklace she just made, but did you see those quilt blocks up on her design wall? Not to mention that sock she knitted... too bad she'll never finish the second. She's such a craftopotamus!

Tomorrow I will post my submission to the Blogger's Quilt Festival. I'm hoping to get a some better pictures of it first.


rome said...

Very nice - looking forward to seeing your crafty stuffs! P.S. I thought Rieve's blog was your favorite?!

Anonymous said...

I'm a craftopotamus too! Come see my blog