Thursday, July 13, 2017

Updates from Crazy Busy

The last week has been so full. I got my new sewing machine, which I promptly broke in making a simple crossback apron to protect me from splashing paint (and which I have not had a chance to take pics of yet - more on that later).

The week before that, while my sewing machine was broken, I handmade a bunny for a baby shower. The pattern is from Storybook Toys, by Jill Hamor, which I love.

I've made more of these bunnies (in all different fabrics) than I can count. It's a super rewarding pattern.

And I was able to finish my first assignment for my Ever After 2017 class from Willowing Arts...

Loving the class so far and looking forward to the other lessons. Already learning a boatload about style development and insights into my painting style and methods.

Snuck in some art journaling yesterday as well just for a change of pace.

And all this while be swamped at work and having a very full personal life, including all the usual summer trips and visits. Hope you're enjoying your summer!

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